Toyota GR Yaris 2024: The unbeatable, one step further

There will be more powerful and sporty GR Yaris starting in summer 2024 in Europe

Toyota did not want to start this year 2024 without giving joy to motor lovers. If it already gave rally fans a much-awaited one with the homologation of its Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 that will make its world debut at the Monte-Carlo Rally, it now arrives at the Tokyo Motor Show with a renewed version of the GR Yaris. So renewed that the brand itself talks about a new GR Yaris, with changes in different sections to make the driving sensation of one of the cars that have broken the mold in recent years even more enjoyable. A car against the grain from a brand that, not too many years ago, would never have been expected to do something like this. And, luckily, today it can be afforded.

The GR Yaris needs little introduction today: developed for years, it is a ‘special approval’ car that mixes the platforms of the Yaris at the front and the Corolla at the rear to create a unique car, with all-wheel drive. the four wheels, ideal for a racing base (both rallies, which was its original purpose with the GR Yaris WRC that was canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic, and circuits) but which also has the habitability to be used as a racing car. diary. In short, a dream that many motor lovers had and that has come true for Europe and Japan. In exchange, the United States obtained the more powerful but also heavier GR Corolla, more in line with market trends on the other side of the pond.

Along with the GR86 and the GR Supra, of which a vitaminized GRMN version is expected in the short term, the GR Yaris constitutes the brand’s ‘halo’ range. A brand that, compared to others on the market, has an advantage in terms of CO2 footprint by placing so many conventional hybrids registered in markets around the world that it has room to create these ‘bugs’ that are more appealing to purists. . An interesting maneuver that has its genesis in the president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda (grandson of the founder), until January 2023 also its CEO. His passion for motors, materialized through his nickname Morizo-san, has been a driving force in the change in the brand’s philosophy.

Not in vain, the GR Yaris can be considered to take over from the Toyota Celica GT-Four – hence the name GR Four, apart from the fact that it converts a normally front-wheel drive car into a four-wheel drive car. , vitaminized and with qualities to run in rallies even in Group N specification. This is the case, without going any further, of the TGR Iberian Cup, which in 2024 will face its third edition at the same time that Toyota Spain will have its team in the Spanish Rally Super Championship with a GR Yaris Rally2.