Lamborghini Huracán STO SC 10º Anniversario: The first ‘Lambo’ to be registered by Squadra Corse

A special kit that celebrates the tenth anniversary of the competition division.

Lamborghini is a brand that does not usually disappoint when it comes to presenting new features or bringing special versions of its already outstanding models, cars that are easily distinguished from literally everything else you see on the roads or in cities. Squadra Corse, its racing division, has turned ten years old and those from Sant’Agata Bolognese have had no choice but to celebrate it with a special variant of the Huracán STO, a Huracán modified in several aspects inspired by everything they have achieved in competition in this decade. Now, it is a registrable car, instead of a car only for circuits as has happened with other Squadra Corse creations.

The Squadra Corse department is where the competition Lamborghinis come from, a department that was started for the development of the Huracán GT3, of which there are currently three versions: the original, the Evo variant that came out years later and the Evo2 that It went on the market in the middle of last year for competitions of all kinds, both Sprint and Endurance races. In this same Squadra Corse is also where the Lamborghini SC63 has been developed (which uses Ligier chassis compared to the Dallara, Oreca or Multimatic of its rivals) with which the brand will compete in the World Endurance Championship next season, a LMDh with which to fight in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and other top-level competitions.

The Huracán Super Trofeo is also the work of Squadra Corse, based on the Huracán STO to have a spectacular car for one-make racing. The brand’s ‘One-Off’, personalized projects with a single unit unique in the world – this is the case of the SC18 Alston and SC20 – are also the work of Squadra Corse, as well as the limited series cars, the example being This is the Essenza SCV12. All of them extreme cars that take the essence of the brand to the highest level, each project in a specific way. So much so that we are talking about both racing cars and cars that cannot be used on conventional roads, unlike the more common Huracán or Aventador, as well as the new Revuelto that will soon be seen rolling on roads around the world.

This Huracán STO SC 10º Anniversario is, for the brand itself, more than a simple tribute. It’s a demonstration of how what he has learned from a decade in racing can be adapted and applied to everyday life, using the circuits as a laboratory to improve his street cars. A philosophy often forgotten by many brands (or their marketing departments) that was very common in the eighties or nineties, when some of the best moments in motorsport took place in all kinds of automotive disciplines, including touring cars or GT among them. that Lamborghini currently competes in.