Mouse head or lion tail: Why F1 is not always the best path

Many drivers who did not 'take' in F1 became legends in other categories.

It is clear that Formula 1 is the destination that every person who wants to be a competition driver sets as their ultimate goal. It does not matter if the driver in question is a man or a woman, comes from Europe, America, Asia, Africa or Oceania…many of those who begin their career in karting do so so that, when they have the means, the hands and the necessary experience, They move to the lower categories of Formula (Formula 4, Formula 3 and Formula 2) with the aim of, if they have the ability and above all the necessary portfolios supporting them, to reach the premier category. Others, along the way, end up in GT or endurance categories, as well as other paths such as Formula E, or specialize in touring cars and then make the jump to other disciplines.

There are also, of course, rallies or rallycross, where circuit drivers have been seen who have redirected their sporting careers or have been bitten by the bug to try their luck in a discipline where the way of driving changes radically – even in asphalt rallies, not just on dirt or snow. Even so, Formula 1 continues to be the great reference and the great spectacle that everyone watches every time it is Grand Prix weekend. Now, it is a very small fish tank in which the biggest fish in the world are left swimming… or those with the biggest wallets in the world – it is that way now and has been that way for a long time since the proliferation of pilots. pay. And, in this situation, it is always good that there are alternatives.

Whether due to the glamor of Formula 1 itself or the media representation that is given to it, many forget that the FIA, in addition to being the highest ruler (well, it is assumed) of F1, is also the governing body of the World Championship. Rallies, the World Endurance Championship, the World Rallycross Championship or, for a few years now, Formula E. That is, all of them have the distinction of being the elite of motorsport in their respective variants, the same weight at the level sports even though from a media point of view it is not like that. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think that there are situations in which it could be important to take a different path from Formula 1 to be in better conditions or, to get back to F1, take alternative paths.

Here are a series of cases in which, instead of focusing on Formula 1, some drivers have managed to make careers elsewhere. Far from the pressure of the media, the noise, the commitments with the different sponsors and social media content or the speculation of the ‘silly season’, being able to dedicate themselves for years as official, paid drivers without depending on sponsors and focus just in preparing races throughout the year.